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domenica 21 agosto 2011

Thanks Tero!

Before writing about WOC 2011, I want to thank Thierry. One year ago, after the unlucky relay WOC 2010, I wrote an email to Tero and I promised to be present in Savoia because I believe in him and I thought he was able to win three gold medals.
He replaied to me and it made me happy as a child....
We took two weeks holiday to stay here (Aix les Bains) now and these last 5 days will be unforgettable. I have run in the forest with the maps of championship; rarely, I found these technical difficulties, I just felt sure and I tried to run, I made big mistakes; I believe who finishes one race, here, without mistakes is an exellent orienteer but who wins is a great orienteer.
And Tero didn't mistake in this week! three gold medals: one of those is the usual (middle distance) but long distance and relay are very important for him and France.
I was impressed by the first ten steps of Tero in relay! I never seen to overtake an opponent in that way! after every TV control the advantage increased despite he was alone; its safety in that wood is very impressive.
Another picture in my mind is when, after prize ceremony, French team has been signing autographs for one hour at least; a lot of children, common people, everybody asked something to them; I saw Francois tired to sign but happy because that gold medal is escaped for three years!
I don't know if I continue to run orienteering in the future but this week will remain in my mind for ever and I will tell younger orienteers who was Tero!

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