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mercoledì 21 dicembre 2011

Goodbye Rusky

This is my last post.

On october 5, the real "Rusky" is dead; it was my dog and it was 14 years old.
Sometimes, when Rusky was young and powerful I took it with me during orienteering's training and running; when I think it, I remember my first orienteering's seasons.
Here, I used its name as my nickname; now, I think it's right time to close this blog:
First, it's nonsense to continue to use this nickname.
Second, my orienteering's career will have a long pause.

Perhaps, when I'll come back to run orienteering you can find me on other blog with another nickname.

Greetings to everybody.

3 commenti:

Dopolav-ori ha detto...


il coguaro ha detto...

to the face of the dog... it seems an ors... aniuei, you are always in our hearts. remember as when the pause is over. FISO needs old pipol!

Andrea Segatta ha detto...

Really sorry......